Message from east liberty tap house

Due to recent legislative changes, we are disappointed to announce that starting July 1st 2018 all East Liberty Tap house patrons must be over the age of 21.

As 9th & 9th residents and business owners we had longed for a neighborhood bar for years but the existing laws prohibited us and others from opening a bar. A 2012 change in zoning laws finally allowed for a neighborhood bar on 9th & 9th but there was a 12-24 month waiting list for bar licenses. Our solution was to open a “tavern” and restaurant with the hope of becoming a full bar in the future. About one year later we finally received the DABC license we sought. 2 years later the license we currently have, has been eliminated. 

So, we adapt, once again to the obstacles the state and legislature put before us. As of July 1st 2018, we will become what the state has declared is a “bar establishment” and we are no longer able to serve families at East Liberty Tap House. We are officially a 21 and over establishment. With a commitment to the neighborhood we wanted to offer a solution to this roller coaster of licensing and will be opening a family friendly restaurant next door to try and support the families that have come to ELTH over the years and offer another dining option to the best neighborhood in the city.

The birdhouse will be our sister restaurant opening next door towards the end of July/beginning of August and will gladly welcome kiddos and underage diners!


Scott Evans & Pago Restaurant Group.